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Originating in India, Teen Patti is a very popular live casino online card game derived from poker but with some very interesting tweaks. 

Teen Patti literally translates to ‘Three Cards’; this aptly named game sees the players holding three cards in hand, and playing a simplified variation of poker with all the appeal of the original game, but without a massive time commitment. 

If you are looking for action-packed games and have no time to waste, Teen Patti is for you!. Head to India's award winning online casino and find out for yourself how easy it is to make some money playing Teen Patti.

How to Play Online Teen Patti - Rules; A Quick Walkthrough

Teen Patti, aka Teen Pathi, aka Three Patti, is played using a single card deck of 52 cards without the jokers and a table can have anywhere between 3 to 7 players. Things kick off quite similarly to poker, whereby all the players place an initial bet (Boot) to get the ball rolling and the dealer hands out three face-down cards to each player. 

The cards are dealt in an anticlockwise fashion and the dealer is just a fellow player in the game. Whoever wins a hand becomes the dealer in the next. Much like poker, the objective of the game is to win the pot by being the only player to not fold or else by having the highest ranking hand at the end of the round (See Teen Patti Hand Rankings below).

  • When the round starts, the player to the left of the dealer gets to go first. There are only three possible actions for a player; bet the current stake/stake amount, raise and bet double the current stake or fold. Players have the option to see the face-down cards and play the game as ‘seen’ or else leave them face down and play as ‘blind’.
  • Blind players need to bet the current stake to stay in the game or they can raise by playing double the current stake. Seen players need to bet double the current stake to stay in the game or they can raise by playing four times the current stake at play. In other words, it’s risky to play blind but you’re rewarded with smaller bets to stay in the game, but on the other hand, although you have to bet double to stay in the game as a seen player, you get to see the hand you're dealt.
  • It is important to note that when it’s a blind player’s turn, he/she can decide to see the cards and continue playing the game as seen by betting double the current stake. This means that players don’t have to play the entire game blind much like they don’t have to see their cards exclusively at the start of the game. This decision is made at the start of each turn for blind players which sets up a lot of interesting strategies. 

Players take it in turns to bet, raise or fold until only two are left, at which point either one of the players can call for a ‘show’ by betting double the current stakes. The last two players then reveal their hands and the highest ranking hand takes the pot! 

This is just a quick Teen Patti rundown to get you started on the right foot, but I assure you, this does not nearly do justice to a real game of Teen Patti with some real money on the line and the excitement and strategy and massive pots that come with this game. Have a go at ComeOn Casino!

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Teen Patti Hand Rankings 

The below hand rankings for Teen Patti are in descending order from high to low.

  1. A Trio or Trail - three of a kind - a trio of cards holding the same rank. Three aces are the best trio and three twos are the lowest. The best trio is three aces (A-A-A) with the lowest one being three twos (2-2-2) making the Ace the highest ranked card individually and the 2 the lowest.
  1. A Straight Run or Pure Sequence - three cards of the same suit in a sequence. In Teen Patti, the highest straight run is A-2-3 followed by A-K-Q and K-Q-J, Q-J-10, J-10-9 and so on, all the way down to 4-3-2. Aces can be used in conjunction with a two and a three OR with a king and a queen but no other variations; in other words 2-A-K is not an accepted straight run.
  1. A Normal Run or Sequence - three cards in sequence that don't hold the same suit. The same hand rankings that apply to a straight run apply to a normal run.
  1. Colour or Flush - three cards that aren’t in sequence but have the same suit. The winner between two colour hands is determined by comparing the highest card of each hand first. If they are equal, the second highest card is compared and if they are also equal the last card is the deciding factor. The highest colour possible is A-K-J with the lowest being 5-3-2. If the two hands are identical then suit rank applies which is as follows from high to low; Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.
  1. Pair - two of a kind - two cards of the same rank. When two pairs fare against each other, first the pair is evaluated and then the odd card if the pairs have the same rank. The highest pair hand possible is A-A-K with the lowest being 2-2-3. In the case of exact same hands, then suit rank comes in as above.
  1. High card - three different non-consecutive cards that don’t unanimously hold one suit. When deciding between two high card hands, compare the highest card of each hand first, the second highest, if the first one’s a tie, and similarly with the third highest card. The best high card hand is A-K-J and the worst is 5-3-2 and if all three cards are identical in different suits that suit ranks takes over as for the colour/flush and the pair hands.

Hands of higher types beat any hand of a low type regardless of high card. This means that any normal run or sequence, for instance 4-3-2 (the lowest sequence possible), would beat a hand with suited A-K-J (the highest color/flush possible). The high card rank and the suit rank only come into play when dealing with same hand ranking type hands.

Online Teen Patti Variations 

ComeOn, keep it fresh and play Teen Patti Online in one of the many variations the game comes in. This is one of the reasons why Teen Patti is so big; the game does change slightly but largely stays the same. This way Teen Patti never gets stale and keeps the same fast-paced, action-packed energy in any form it takes!

Teen Patti

Best of four

Players are dealt four cards, instead of three but they still have to play using the best three cards within their four-card-hand.


A good old reverse; this is basically a normal game of Teen Patti except that the hand rankings are completely reversed. Aces are a disappointment in this game and twos are 2 die for, ehm, pardon the pun.

Wild draw

After distributing the cards, the dealer takes a random card out of the deck and it becomes a wild card. Any card holding the same rank can be used as a wild card, which means it can be used as any card in conjunction with the other two in your hand.

Low wild

Each player’s lowest card is deemed a wild card in their hand. Hand Ranks shoot up from down low in this game making for some fire rounds of Teen Patti.

High wild

In contrast to low wild, in this game mode each player’s highest card is deemed a wild card in their hand, once again increasing the chance of high ranked hand showdowns!

Two-lowest wild

Players are dealt four cards and the two lowest cards in the hand of each player counts as a wild card together. This means that, if the two lowest cards in your hand form a pair then that pair is a wild card along with the other two higher cards in your hand. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is and it isn’t. If you have a pair and one of the cards is amongst the lowest two, then really in this variant, you don’t have a pair (e.g. A-K-K-J, the kings don’t count as a pair because the two lowest cards, K and J are the two lowest cards and are always put together).

Bust card draw

This is exactly like the Wild Draw variation, but in the opposite direction. After dealing, a card is picked at random from the deck and is considered a bust card for the duration of that round. Any player holding a bust card automatically has to fold.


In this variation of Teen Patti, every player receives two face-down cards and one face-up card. Face-down cards are referred to as ‘hole cards’, while face-up cards are called ‘street cards’ and apart from this exciting twist, all the normal Teen Patti rules explained above apply.


This variant is the result of Teen Patti and Poker having a baby. Players are dealt two face-down cards and a number of cards are dealt face up for all the players to use in order to assemble the best ranked hand possible. The face-up cards are known as community cards and this is where this variation of Teen Patti gets its name.

Three-card community → Players are dealt two face-down cards and one face-up community card is used by everyone.

Five-card community → Players are dealt two face-down cards and three face-up community cards are dealt for everyone to use to make the best three-card hand possible.

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