The Best Betting Site In India

Are you soccer, tennis, kabaddi or any other sport’s fan? Ever thought of placing a bet on your favourite team during a tournament they have participated in? Well, welcome to a new whole world of sports betting. Our sportsbook page features most of the games you might be interested in and provides a large number of wager types you can try your luck on. It is comprehensive and ensures that there is always something you can wager on, any time of the year, even when major tournaments aren’t in season.

For instance, if you love soccer, out sportsbook got you covered, right from major European leagues to all national football tournaments in India. Each of the tournaments here comes with a relatively large number of odds and betting options. For instance, you can predict the match outcome for a football match or even Over – Under option. All features on the sportsbook can be accessed via betting apps on any of your mobile devices. Below are some types of sports wagers.

Types of Sports Wagers in Online Betting

Curious about different types of wagers you can place in a sportsbook? Let’s take some time on the most popular ones. Ever heard of a Parlay before? A parlay refers to a single bet that links more than two wagers. For your bet to be successful, you need to win all the wagers in the parlay. If you lose one wager, the entire bet is lost. However, if you win the bet, the payoff is usually better than that of a player that placed the bets separately.

Matched betting is also an option you can explore here. It involves placing risk-free wagers for some small wins. Usually, these are incentives a bookie may offer to attract more players to a certain match. Another common type of wager is known as Straight Bet. It is as simple as its name depicts. A money line determines the bet or a point spread. All you need here is to wager correctly on all the teams that make up the wager.

Football Betting

Football is one of the world’s most famous games. It appears at the top of the list of even the best betting sites. So, what makes football betting lucrative and more popular? Firstly, football is an easy game to understand and has some very basic wagers. Further to this, there are a large number of football tournaments all over the place throughout the year. Ranging from popular European leagues, Indian football to the world cup, you got plenty in your cup here. Popular tournaments include:

●      Federation Cup

●      Rovers Cup

●      Santosh Trophy

●      IFA Shield

●      English Premier League

●      Barclays Premier League

●      La Liga

You can predict a wide variety of parameters here. For instance, you can predict the first scorer of the match. Also, you can wager on the player you think will score the last goal in the match from either of the teams. Home win; draw and away win are also some very common bets in the football world. No risk matched betting is also applicable in football. Your bookie offers you some sort of free spins, so you won’t wager on your money at all.

Whether you want to bet at home from your computer or at a casino, there is a lot more you can do with football betting. Over / under is also another type of wager worth trying. Here, you bet on the total number of goals you predict a team will score. The bookie sets a goal line and your job will be predicting if the goals scored will be more or less than the proposed. Some other popular types of bets include:-

●      Handicaps

●      Corner bets

●      Correct score

Cycling Betting and Associated odds

Cycling is certainly one of those thrilling sports that needs extreme athleticism. It boasts a very broad audience across the globe, both fans that come out in large numbers to watch, punters looking for some rewarding odds and the cyclists themselves. One of the most popular bets here is the Outright Cycling Event Winner. Here, you simply predict the rider that is likely to carry the day. You can also consider the Cycling In-Play Betting odds. Here, you can wager on your favourite rider even if the race has already begun.

Tennis Online Betting

Our sportsbook here also offers quite a number of tennis betting tips and betting options as well. Here, you can wager on the outright winner of a match. Outright winner bet is also considered a Moneyline as well. You can also opt for the handicap bet. Bookmakers may apply a positive handicap value for a player that is a bit disadvantaged while applying a negative value for a player they deem highly skilled. This is done to bring both players to a level and fair betting ground.

Golf Bet Options

Golf is perhaps one of the most prestigious sports on the planet. Right from live betting to placing future bets, you can always be sure of making some good cash if a golf bet goes your way. With ComeOn casino, its time to add some power, make more putts and certainly stop slicing. Place your wagers as the golfers take the stage. One of the most popular bet types here is the To Win Bets. Here, you simply place your money on your favourite player.

Another online sports betting option is the Versus the Field Bets. When you place this bet you don’t have to predict who the winner will be. Instead, you would wager on a number of players winning the match except one. This makes you have more choices and reduces risk on your side too. There is also a Head to Head Golf Bets where you also don’t bet on the winner of the match rather than who between two players will emerge ahead of the other.

Boxing at Top Betting Sites

Understanding how placing boxing bets work is a matter of basic maths for those that are familiar with sports betting. Most bets here are Moneyline bets on the outcome of the total number of rounds. Sometimes, we may give you free bets to assist you to place a bet on your favourite boxer. Here, you also find handicap bets as well. For instance, a player that seems more advantaged may be assigned a negative handicap. A bookmaker may assign your favourite player -300.

This means that if a player has a -300 handicap, you may need to bet up to 300INR for a chance to win 100INR. If the player has a positive handicap on him, you are likely to make more money on then. Unfortunately, players with positive handicaps are weaker as depicted in their previous matches. Other types of bets here include proposition bets like, “whom will the first punch land on”. You can always look for more boxing options at the best online betting sites such as ComeOn casino.

Swimming Betting Tips

Do you swim during those lazy sunny afternoons to beat away the heat? Ever thought that you could place a wager on an activity widely considered more of a pastime activity than a sport? We offer you an opportunity to place bets on your favourite swimmers in international circles and some of the best betting tips as well. You can always bet on the outright winner of a swimming competition and make some bucks. It is indeed the simplest wager under this category.

Here, you can also bet on the swimmer you think will finish up second. Our sportsbook features the first 4 swimmers. Each of the swimmers comes with some odds assigned. It’s up to you to choose the swimmer to place a wager on. Popular swimming competitions include the European Championships, FINA World Championships, and the renowned Olympics. One of the best betting strategies here is researching each of the swimmer’s trends in the past. It usually gives you a picture of how well they might perform in future.

Tips for Successful Bets

Looking to be successful in sports betting? One thing you need to avoid is bringing emotions on board. If you have lost a previous wager, take some time off and cool off. Always practice proper money management to ensure to spread risk accordingly. Sometimes, it’s not about your favourite team, but the team with the highest winning chances. Finally, always do your research comprehensively before deciding which team or player to settle on.

Final Thoughts on Online Betting Sites

Sports betting is fun and rewarding at the same time. It feels good to watch your favourite team carry the day knowing that you also had a wager on them. Also, you can always have different bet types for one sport. For instance, if you are betting on golf, you can place a Moneyline bet and at the same time place the Head to Head Golf Bets. This is one of the factors that make sports betting highly lucrative.