Beginner’s Guide to Online Rummy in India

Online Rummy

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Rummy is a card matching game. While it’s a little unclear how it came into existence, classic rummy is widely believed to have originated from the United States well over 100 years ago. As with most card games, different variations of the original are played in different parts of the world. Rummy is extremely popular in India, where it has its only version, suitably named Indian Rummy. 

This beginner’s guide aims to take you through the basics of how to play rummy. We’ll explain the terminology used, rummy rules, and the scoring system. Furthermore, we’ve included a few of the most popular variants, so that you can pick your favourite. Whether you’re looking to play rummy online or any live casino games online, this Indian online casino rummy page is for you.

Indian online rummy rules

Each rummy game has its own rules. Our focus is on Indian Rummy as that is the variant you are most likely to encounter. However, once you have a basic grasp, it is easy to adapt to the other rummy games.

  • The number of players: A traditional game of Indian Rummy is played with between two and six players. It is possible to play RNG online rummy against a computer. In this instance, the computer is effectively acting as the second player.
  • The number of cards: Each player receives 13 cards at the beginning of a hand. This is a slight variation to classic rummy where you get only 10 cards. 
  • The number of decks: Even when playing Indian Rummy, there are differences here. For games with only two players, either one or two decks can be used. Games involving more than two players will use two or sometimes three decks. However, most 13-card online rummy games use two decks as standard throughout.

Online rummy hands & jokers

There are two main types of hands in rummy; they are:

  • Sequences: Three or more cards of the same suit. For example, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (all diamonds).
  • Sets: Either three or four cards of identical rank or value. For example, 10 of spades, 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, and 10 of diamonds.

The joker cards are used in Indian Rummy, too. These are known as printed jokers, of which there are four in a two-deck game. In addition to the printed jokers, there are also wild jokers. This is a card selected at random from the deck before the rummy game begins. The Wild Joker is then placed at 90 degrees on the bottom of the stack so that all players can see it. Other cards of the same rank as the wild joker, perform the role in your hand.

Both jokers serve the same purpose. They can be used as a substitute card to create a sequence or set. For example, Jack of clubs, Jack of hearts and a joker (printed or wild) form a set (of Jacks).

Pure & impure sequences

To win at 13-card rummy, you need to have two sequences, and at least one must be a valid pure sequence. You cannot declare your hand without this. If you do, you’ll lose the game.

  • Pure sequence: This consists of three or more cards from the same suit running in consecutive order without using a joker. 
  • Impure sequence: Essentially, this is the same as above, but you use a joker to complete the sequence. For example, 10 of clubs, Jack of clubs, printed/wild joker, and King of clubs form a valid impure sequence.

How to play online rummy

Rummy Card Game

Once you have a clear understanding of rummy rules, playing the game is easy and thoroughly enjoyable. Its simplicity is certainly part of its allure, but it’s also a skill-based game, so you can improve the more you practice. This is important to note when playing online rummy for real money.

Here is an example of the progression of a single hand:

  1. When your 13 cards have been dealt, sort them into sequences and sets, and possible sequences and sets. A rummy game online will do this automatically for you if desired.
  2. The remaining cards are put on the table face down with the wild joker showing at the bottom. The top card from the deck is turned over and placed next to the deck. This forms the discard pile.
  3. When it is your turn to go, you either take the top card from the deck or the discard pile. You must then discard one of your cards, so you only ever keep 13 in your hand.
  4. Continue this action of taking and discarding cards until you’ve formed appropriate sequences and sets.
  5. To finish a rummy game hand, you must discard a card to the ‘finish’ slot. This is a declaration that you have won the hand.
  6. All cards, yours and those of the other players, are shown face-up on the table, and the winner’s hand is checked to ensure it is a valid declaration.
  7. The points totals are calculated.

How rummy points are calculated

Rummy uses a points scoring system, so winning a hand may not mean you won the game, depending on the exact rules you’re playing by. 

The winner of a particular hand gets zero points because they used all of their cards. The cards of the other player(s) are then added up, as follows:

  • Aces = 11 points each (some rummy games have a 15-point ace rule).
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings = 10 points each.
  • Two - nine = face value of each card.

The maximum total of a hand in 13-card Indian Rummy is 80 points even if the total value is higher. However, if the losing player(s) already holds two sequences, and one is a pure sequence, then only the remaining cards are totalled up.

While 13-card rummy is the number one game in India, there are numerous other variants which are gaining traction, particularly in online rummy circles. These are a couple of the most popular rummy games. As you’ll discover, once you know the basics of one game, it’s straightforward to start playing the others.

Gin Rummy

On a global scale, online Gin Rummy, simply referred to as Gin, is among the most popular variations. The game started in the US as an off-shoot of Whisky Poker. Online Gin only involves two players. One standard deck of cards is used with each player receiving ten. 

The objective is the same. You must take and discard cards to form sequences and sets. However, in Gin Rummy, an ace is only worth one point, and it can only be used to create low-number sequences (with twos, threes and fours).

Gin Rummy online is action all the way. It’s faster than 13-card rummy games, but you still need all the skills to be a top player. 

Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is rummy, but the gameplay is different, which adds a new level of strategy to the original classic rummy which most players are familiar with.

A game of Rummy 500 can be played with up to eight players, although three to five is the optimal number. Two standard decks, with jokers, are used. If only two players, each one gets 13 cards. If more than two players, and you are dealt only 7 cards.

The usual rummy game objective of making sequences and sets is the goal to win. However, with Rummy 500, you lay each ‘meld’ (a set or sequence) down as you complete them. These cards are face-up on the table for all other players to see. Furthermore, you can add single cards to sequences or sets you’ve already laid down. For instance; if you had a set of three aces sat down, and you drew another one, you could add that to the set and discard one of your other cards. 

Also, unlike classic rummy where the loser gets points, in 500 Rummy, the points are added up as you lay down the melds. The winner is the player with no cards left. His total score is the value of all his cards. For the other players; the value of the cards still in their hand is added together. The total is then deducted from the sequences and sets they had already created. Under traditional Rummy 500 rules, a complete game is won by the player who is first to get 500 points.

Play online rummy

Indian Rummy

For years, online poker and blackjack online have been the king of card games. But rummy is one of the fastest growing online games, especially in India and surrounding countries, so poker’s crown may be under threat in the years to come. 

Online rummy offers an exciting and thrilling gaming experience. These are just a few of the advantages this method of playing provides you with.

  • Convenience: You can play rummy online when you want and where you want. Games are available 24/7. Whether you play against a computer or go head-to-head with others, there is always a rummy game waiting for you.
  • Variety of games: 13-card rummy is India’s favourite, but there are many other fantastic rummy games to try out. Playing online puts all of these at your fingertips.
  • Bonuses and promotions: Players can benefit from generous casino welcome bonuses and other rummy promotions in the online world.
  • Make new friends: Most rummy games are played against other real-life players and at some locations, it’s possible to connect with these players. This allows you to enjoy thrilling games with a group of friends, which is pure entertainment.

Online Rummy app

Playing rummy on your mobile is the most convenient way of playing online. There are multiple rummy app download versions compatible for all types of phones. Play on our rummy app now whilst also checking the live betting odds!

Tips for new online rummy players

If you’re a first-time player, it’s advisable to play rummy online free, to begin with. This will allow you to hone your skills and strategy without the fear of losing any money. Furthermore, there could be slight tweaks to the rules which you need to learn. Again, this is another perk of the rummy online free games.

When you do decide to enter real money rummy games, it’s imperative that you manage your bankroll correctly. There are different types of games to cater to all budgets, so find the tables that suit you the best. 

Lastly, rummy is a game of skill, and that means some players will be better than others. If you are learning the ropes, you don’t want to jump in too deep and face players who are more advanced than yourself. A general rule to keep in mind is that the better players tend to play for higher stakes. So keep the limits low until you’ve mastered your online rummy game.

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