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Playing online roulette is just as fun as one would expect in a land casino. At ComeOn! online casino the roulette game can be played quite easily with a comprehensive guide to help you through. The roulette game is quite simple, and a player can easily set their foot in ComeOn! to experience the game. 

You can play roulette in different variations. The most popular one is live roulette. The best part about playing live roulette online is that you get to interact with a live dealer. Here, you can instruct the dealer on how to proceed with your bets.

This makes playing roulette live a virtual alternative to a land casino roulette. Live casino is popular for other games too like blackjack, andar bahar game, baccarat and more.  

Playing Online Roulette at ComeOn!

Apart from that, you can also play the online roulette game without a live dealer. It would just be an online virtual game where you can place bets and win handsomely. The experience you will have from this virtual platform at ComeOn! will be like playing a slot game. 

Although a live casino seems more exciting, you can try your hands at virtual roulette if you are a beginner or want to improve your skills before moving on to the live roulette level. 

There are many roulette sites where you can choose to play the game. Still, ComeOn! is considered the best roulette casino for it gives Rs 10,000 as a welcome bonus and offers numerous casino variations.  

Online Roulette Games

Even though the roulette game is quite simple, there are many roulette games to choose from. Here are some of the most popular versions you can pick from to play roulette online. These games are provided by some of the best, most trusted vendors around NetEnt, NYX and Play'N Go:

European Roulette

The most popular online casino roulette is the European roulette. It is this version of roulette that is considered the traditional one.

The European roulette wheel has 37 pockets covering numbers from 0 to 36. Among the popular versions, the European version has the minimum pocket number available.

As a result, the house edge is lesser when compared to American or French roulette. 

American Roulette

The most popular variant of the classic European roulette is American roulette. The only difference in the American version is that it has an extra zero pocket in both the roulette wheel and the roulette table.

The additional zero automatically takes the house edge higher compared to European roulette. 

French Roulette

French roulette follows the European format only but with a major difference. If you play the French roulette game online, you can get half of your money back if you lose.

But there is a condition to that. The only way you will get half the amount of your stake back if you make an even bet and the spin outcome is zero. This rule in French roulette is called La Partage. 

Rules and How to Play Roulette

The online casino roulette rules are not difficult to get, but you must know about them clearly before proceeding into the game. The first thing you should get clear about is the bets. Different bets have a different payout, so you should learn about them before making a wager. 

Other than that, the rules on how to play roulette are as follows: 

Step 1: Choose a number you wish to palace a wager on. The number has to be anywhere between 0 to 36.

Step 2: Place your chips on the selected number on the roulette table square. 

Step 3: Now, the roulette wheel will spin.

Step 4: Check if the spin result is the number similar to the one you picked. If it is, you have won the round, and the amount will be credited to you instantly.

Online Roulette Strategy

Although roulette is a simple luck-based game, that does not mean that you cannot use any roulette strategy to improve your chances of winning. The roulette system is built on luck, but if you employ the following strategies, you might have better luck in the game. 

Strategy 1

The first strategy you can apply in an online roulette casino is to keep betting on either red or black striped numbers. Then, keep doubling up your bet until you win around. 

Strategy 2

This is a more straightforward strategy for a roulette casino game. Just keep betting high while you are winning and bet low as soon as you lose. 

Strategy 3

Many people use mathematical roulette tricks. One of them is to increase your bet by one every time you lose. 

The questions such as how to win roulette are very much limited to these tricks. Just follow the roulette game rules and strategies, and you can win a handsome fortune.

ComeOn! is considered to be one of the best roulette sites. Here you will get many popular versions to play roulette online in India. Included are European, American, and French roulette. Apart from that, other games are as follows:

Although land casinos are not legal in many states in India, you can play casino roulette online. For an online casino to be legal in India, they have to be registered outside the country. What makes ComeOn! Casino among the best online roulette casinos in India is the fact it is licensed and registered by the Malta Gaming Authority. So, if you are looking for online roulette India games, you can play them legally at ComeOn!

Playing Casino Roulette with a Live Dealer 

The best online roulette game is the one where you can play it live. The live option involves playing with a live dealer. The live dealer roulette games require you to play against a live dealer through video chat who spins the wheel and accepts the wager on your behalf. In the online live roulette, you will get a first-hand experience of a land casino. ComeOn! is a live roulette casino, and here you can enhance your gaming experience with the live roulette option. 

Roulette for Free or Real Money?

Roulette offers both options: roulette free game and roulette real money game. Most of the roulette websites, including ComeOn!, offer a free roulette option. You can try the roulette free play mode to get a brief experience of the game. Once you feel that you like the free online roulette, you can go for the real money option. In online roulette real money India, you can place a bet and win money. Online roulette sites offer both options, so depending on your preference, you can choose either of them. 

Mobile Roulette

ComeOn! Casino gives you the option of playing roulette online through the browser and the mobile roulette app. The app version of the game is not much different. The only advantage it has is that you will not have to rely on the browser which is often lagging in many phones. But there is also a disadvantage to it. Mobile roulette takes up your device’s memory which the browser does not. The top roulette sites provide HTML5 and other such technology, which provide lag-free and mobile browser compatibility for a smooth gaming experience. 

Live Roulette vs Traditional Roulette

If one has to pick between live roulette vs. traditional roulette, the preference would be given to live roulette. This is because it provides all the features of traditional roulette with the sole advantage that you get to interact with a live dealer. This is the closest feeling you will get to playing in a real casino. Although, the how to win at roulette strategy remains more or less the same in both live and traditional roulette games.


With ComeOn! Casino being among the best online roulette sites, you can get an amazing gaming experience here. In the guide section, you will also find tips on how to win in roulette and other such information such as roulette meaning, the rules, and much more.

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