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Lucky 7

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What Is Lucky 7?

Lucky 7 is a popular online casino card game created by Eguzi, which is part of the giant game provider Evolution Gaming. It is a simple game based on the concept of guessing the right card, which could be either above the value of 7 or below 7. 

The highest rewards are paid if you bet on card no.7, and it shows up. You also get the side bets option to guess the cards based on colour or an even/odd basis. 

The Lucky 7 game is highly popular and can be played both for money and entertainment.  

Lucky 7 Casino Online Key Game Features

Despite the game's simplicity, Lucky 7 is loaded with many features that a player can take advantage of during the game. Some of them are as follows: 

You Can Play Lucky 7 Live

The Lucky 7 casino game can be played at a live casino online as well. What this implies is that you can play this game with a live dealer who will place the cutting card along with the eight decks of cards. 

The live game option gives players a feel of a land casino where they engage with dealers and place bets accordingly. The only difference here is that you get to communicate with the dealer through the live video chat option. 


The statistics of the game is given at the bottom of the screen, which will give you an update of the odds. The statistics show the data on wins and losses which has occurred so far before placing your next bet. 

By having a look at it, you will be able to form an idea regarding the odds of winning the bet. This way, you will be able to form a more informed decision regarding your bet. 

Return to Player

One of the areas where the online Lucky 7 game falls short is in providing a high RTP. However, this can be compensated by playing the side bets game, which features a better RTP than the main game but, of course, with fewer rewards. 

Given below are the RTPs on all types of bets of Lucky 7. 

Bet TypeRTP
Main Bet 92.31%
Color Bet95%
Odd 96.92%
Even 92.31%

Since the number of odd cards is the highest in the game, the chances of getting a return on your bet is the highest there. 

The lowest RTP is in the main bet, but if you manage to win it, the rewards are also going to be the highest in this round.

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How to Play Lucky 7 Live?

The gameplay of Lucky 7 live casino is quite easy. It is all about making the right guess. The game is played with the dealing shoe of eight decks of 52 cards. The dealer initially shuffles the card. 

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To complete the shuffling process, he picks out a certain number of cards from the decks. The cards picked out are decided on the value of the first card that was picked up. You can predict if a card will show up with the value of above or below 7.  

Once the shuffling is over, you will be required to place a wager with the chip coins. The value and number of chip coins decide the amount of your bet. Once you place your bet, the dealer will pick up a card from the deck. If the card turns out to be as you predicted, you will win the bet. The bets which you lose will go to the dealer.  

Once you have won or lost a bet, the next round will get initiated automatically. You can place a fresh bet by going through the same process all over again.  

Types of Bets 

The online lucky 7 game gives you three types of betting options to choose from. They are as follows. 

Above, Below or at 7 

You can place the bets on the outcome in this betting option, which could be above or below 7. You can also go for the number 7 as your bet, which will give you the highest reward.

Above 7: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be above 7. 

Below 7: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be below 7.

At 7: The wager is placed on the next dealt card that will be 7. 

These bets are also known as the main bet. Apart from this, you also get the option to place side bets. 

What Are Side Bets?

Side Bets in Lucky 7 refer to the optional bets which you can place apart from the main bet. You get two choices for side bets. They are as follows:


The side bets of colour give you the option to place bets on the colour of the card, which could be either black or red. 

  • Black Card: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be black in colour. The symbol of the card could be either Spades or Clubs. 
  • Red Card: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be red in colour. The symbol of the card could be either Diamonds or Hearts.

Even or Odd

With the colour side option, you also get to choose the outcome of the card on the basis of even or odd. 

  • Even Card: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be an even number: 2, 4, 6 or 8.
  • Odd Card: The wager is placed on the next dealt card to be an odd number: 3, 5, 7 or 9. 

Lucky 7 Online Betting Basic Strategy

Although the game of Lucky 7 is based on making bold guesses, there are still ways in which you can increase your chances. 

  • As there are eight decks of 52 cards (excluding joker), the total is 416 cards. So whatever your guess would be is going to be on the basis of frequency among these 416 cards.
  • As the odd cards are the highest in number, they are going to be the safest bet among others. 
  • If you choose the side bet of colours, both red and black are 208 in number, so the chances here are 50-50. 
  • There are 32 cards with the value of 7. So the average of 7 being the next dealt card is 13. 

The equations are going to change as the game progresses and the cards are picked out. The ideal thing to do here would be to keep an eye on the statistics board at the bottom of the screen to figure out the odds.    

Lucky 7 Game Payouts and Statistics

The payouts of Lucky 7 live online game are as follows:

Nature of Bet Payout 
Above 71:1
Below 7 1:1
At 711:1
Red card - Diamond or Hearts0.9:1
Black card - Spades or Clubs0.9:1
Card with even number1:1
Card with odd number 0.8:1

What this implies is that, for instance, if you place a wager on the next dealt card to be 7, you will get the opportunity to win 11 times your bet.   

Lucky 7 Casino Mobile App

If you do not like to play Lucky 7 on the browser, there is another alternative. The Lucky 7 online game can also be played on mobile. 

By downloading ComeOn! Casino app on your mobile, you can easily play the game anytime you want. The ComeOn! Casino app is available for both Android and iOS users.  

Mobile App Live Casino

All in all, the Lucky 7 game is fun to play even if you do not want to play it for real money. There is another variation of the game which is called Lucky 7 game dice. Here, instead of cards, you will get dice to go with and place bets. 

So whatever version you choose, with the right betting strategy, you can land a handsome reward for yourself. 

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