Keno: techniques and tactics

Although the name ‘Keno’ possesses both Latin and French origins, the game itself is believed to have originated in China some 3000 years ago when the game used 120 Chinese characters rather than the 80 numbers that it employs today. With many similarities to bingo, Keno is a casino game that requires chance, adaptable strategy and well-rehearsed technique. This guide will walk you through the basics of the game of Keno, as well as introduce you to the various phrases, techniques and tips to help you to enjoy online Keno.


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Betting types

Like almost every online game, the first concept to understand is betting. The first piece of information to grasp when playing Keno is that the system is structured around the numbers that the player chooses and how many numbers are called a hit. In general terms, the more numbers a player chooses and the more numbers hit, the greater the payout rate. Other than the previously mentioned “hit”, below is a selection of key terms to help you getting started on your Keno quest.

●      Ticket – the betting cards used to pick numbers.

●      Race – a single Keno game.

●      Spots – the numbers that each player has picked.

●      Catching a spot – when a number drawn matches a player’s pick.

●      Pay table – a casino’s set series of payouts.

Once you are familiar with some of the key terms relating to the game, the next decision to make is which of the six types of bets you are going to place. One option is a “straight bet” which contains a specific amount of numbers chosen and has only one selection of numbers. However a “one-way ticket” allows you to choose different groupings and different number amounts allowing you to make unlimited selections, however, a 190-way ticket allows players a total of 190 ways to win.

A further example of a type of Keno betting is a ‘king number”. This type of bet features one number, or king number, that will be added to all of your other groupings of numbers. The king number will also play as a one spot by itself. “Split tickets” feature a combination of more than one straight bet, whilst paying and playing the same as a straight bet on two separate tickets. A combination ticket features a combination of several different grouping types, all combined on one ticket.

●      Straight Bet - Only one selection of numbers

●      Way Ticket - unlimited selections

●      190 Way Ticket - 190 ways to win

●      King Number - Adds a number to all of your other groupings of numbers

●      Split Ticket - A combination of more than one straight bet

●      Combination Ticket - several different grouping types on one ticket

How to get started from day one

Before a game of Keno can get underway, all players must mark the numbers they have chosen, but they cannot mark any more than twenty. At this point, each player should also indicate both the amount that they wish to wager and the number of games that they wish to play. Once all necessary declarations have been made, the 20 winning numbers are then randomly drawn and the winner declared. Players will then be paid depending on how many marked numbers that they correctly predicted.

Adopt a Solid Keno Strategy

If a solid Keno strategy is adopted, then success is arguably more likely. One such approach could be to either stick to a lower amount for a higher number of spots and races, or increasing the bet that you place whilst also selecting fewer spots and races. It is also possible to use the same spots for 5 or 10 successive races the more spots a player chooses and the more numbers they catch, then the greater the payout. The key here is to discover whichever strategy works for you and stick with it.

Winning at Keno

Once you have decided upon your Keno strategy, the next step is to integrate it into the way that you play. If you are looking to only win large amounts, then the best way is to bet bigger sums on fewer games; whilst picking fewer numbers could also increase your chances of finishing with a healthier bank balance, too. However, if players want a chance at winning the jackpot they must pick the maximum number of spots to qualify. If you want to extend the game, then bet smaller amounts of money on more games.

A further tactic adopted by successful Keno players is to study the odds in advance so that they know what the likelihood of catching a certain number of spots in a particular Keno scenario. As well as getting to grips with the probabilities of certain outcomes, many successful players also strive to find a good online table. When you find an online casino that allows you to play for free, you can then experience Keno and if you find the experience entertaining, you can then play for real with your own hard-earned cash.

Tips & tactics

One of the most important considerations when embarking on a new online gambling experience such as Keno is your chosen site’s reputability. As a player who is looking for an enjoyable and rewarding experience, you will want to be sure that the site that you are playing on has a reputation for integrity. At ComeOn! you don’t have to worry!

Another area that you should look into is your online casino's banking options and customer service reviews. Our customer service team will be able to advise you about deposits and withdrawals, so that you have a great gameplay experience.

Variations of Keno games

At present there are two variants of Keno: video Keno and live Keno. Of the two, Video Keno is a much more fast-paced game with the gameplay much more like a slot machine with the results determined by a Random Number Generator. Like other equally familiar online casino mainstays such a slot games, there are various incarnations of video Keno to choose from. However the gameplay format of video Keno can cause gamers to lose faster, than if they were playing keno’s live version as the hands take less time.

As with other live online games such as Blackjack, Live Keno is brought into your home through an online casino live feed. The pace and structure of Live Keno betting is more like Bingo as you make your number and wager decisions on a Keno card, with new rounds starting every 5-10 minutes. You are also able to make several bets on the same Keno card. Live Keno also offers large jackpots, but live Keno normally has a higher house advantage than video Keno.

Further Keno Considerations

One further consideration that gamers should take is to ensure that their gambling experience is entirely legal. As each Indian state has its own laws regarding gambling, it’s up to you to be aware of the laws that apply to your specific locality and remember that if you do choose to gamble online, you are doing so at your own risk and there are penalties that could apply. It’s important to stay up to date with any changing laws as online gambling in India continues to be a controversial topic.

Keno: Practice, progressive jackpots and keep it fun

When playing Keno, if you want to be in with a respectable chance of winning a game, the most potentially fruitful strategy to adopt is to find a game like mega moolah that has progressive jackpot at a reputable casino that has a good payout record. Players should also be mindful that games often offer a free game before you deposit which is perfect for beginners who want to practice. However, you should also remember to keep things fun and entertaining.

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