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Bingo is traditionally a classic gambling game that is played at church functions, charity events, town squares and private functions. With the advent of the internet, bingo can now be played online in India. Both the young and the old can enjoy Bingo in equal measure.

If you haven't had time to play Bingo, or even the only thing called Bingo you know is a dog, we've got something for you. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about both free bingo games and paid ones alike.

Further to this, we will also outline some playing strategies you can use once you hit the road at the best online casino in India, ComeOn! Casino.

Bingo traces its roots from the USA when an experienced businessman and game developer named Edwin Lowe discovered this amazing game at a funfair in Georgia where some Spanish players referred to it as "Beano". Word says that by chance, one of the winners shouted "Bingo" in the heat of the moment during a game that was later organised by Lowe.

Over the years, Bingo has evolved through different versions to its present versions played today. You can now enjoy Bingo games from the comfort of your PC or even your mobile devices while enjoying some different Bingo Bonus types or live betting odds.

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How to Play Bingo in India

No matter how or where you play Bingo - at live casino India bingo sites or at a social gathering in your local town hall, the game is easy and fun. Here are some of the most important steps you can use to shine in the game. Firstly, the game is played with 75 balls that are usually selected at random online. Prior to the game starts, you will be given one or more Bingo cards. Here, you can wager bet twists while viewing selected cards on the screen. A bingo card features a 5x5 grid forming 25 fields with a letter covering a range of certain numbers.

For instance, B=1-15, I = 16-30. Notably, the numbers may vary from one Bingo card to another, but prior to the game beginning, all the cards will have a similar chance of winning. You can increase your chances of winning by getting more cars. After a number is drawn, it is usually marked automatically when playing online. You require a particular pattern to win here. In order to win a round, if you get the Bingo first, it means you have been able to complete a winning pattern. After your win, the game restarts and with a new set of cards.

Bingo Game Variations in India

Bingo over the years has entrenched its roots in both the UK and US in equal measure. In the UK, fans here think of Bingo as a 90 ball game that is played with rectangular cards. Numbers here are crossed off as they are called out in an amusing manner by the Bingo caller. It features 15 card numbers and your aim is getting 1&2 lines and a full house. It's a bit different from the US version. This one comes with a 75 Ball Bingo and is usually referred to as Bingo pattern. Your aim here is to cover numbers of a specific pattern. Patterns include:

  • 90-ball bingo games
  • 80-ball bingo games
  • 30-ball bingo games

Let us explore more versions of Bingo in other parts of the world. One of the simplest variations you will come across is known as U-Pick’em BINGO. Here, you pick up a number in order to alter a win in your favour. This variant is somewhat similar to Keno. It is indeed the most common Bingo variant. There is also the BINGO Quick Shot. The numbers here are known in advance and your job is buying sealed card parks. If you are lucky enough to get a specific pattern in your cards, you take home the prize or jackpot.

Death Bingo is also a common variant. You get eliminated as soon as you get the BINGO. The last man standing is the winner and is the person that does not get the BINGO. It is just the opposite of the traditional Bingo games and is considered among the most exciting versions. Lovers of table games here have a related variant known as Table Bingo. It works much like Blackjack, Poker or even Roulette. The only difference with the aforementioned game is that there is no wheel dealer here. There is however a caller that calls up to 8 people to participate in a session. Other variants include:

  • Horse Racing BINGO
  • FaceBook BINGO
  • Mini BINGO

How to Play Bingo at ComeOn!

Before delving into the technicalities of how Bingo is played, let's take time to learn a few basics. Online Bingo games have a lot of similarities to the real Bingo halls. Well, one major difference is that they come without the usual smoke and noise. The main Bingo card in an online variant is a pop-up window that comes with information such as card faces that are usually three. The window also shows a tote board of numbers that have previously been called and the current number as well. There is also a "chat room" where you can talk to other players.

Getting Started

Bingo players may compete for a wide range of prizes. You, however, need to sign up before getting started. Be sure to use a valid email address or you won't be able to claim your prizes. Each of the players here gets 3 cards that appear as a special pop up window. The patterns that you are required to match appear on the upper right corner of the Bingo game. The caller here is an automated voice that calls numbers at random. "Daub" your cards by clicking the mouse. If your cards match the pattern, you can then hit the Bingo button.

Potential Bingo Prizes

Every gambler is always looking to win a prize or even the ultimate jackpot in the course of their escapades. Some casinos may offer cash prizes while others may come with some other forms of incentives. For instance, a casino may set a local currency in terms of Bingo Bucks. If you win 1000 bingo bucks, you can perhaps redeem them to one of your favourite gift cards. Other times, some casinos may come up with novelty prizes or even a car trip if you win a Bingo game. Sometimes a surprise ice cream cake shipped to your address.

For instance, some casinos in Las Vegas will give away Margaritas in their favourite coffee joints. Some Bingo games may come with a progressive jackpot as well. The house may seed the Jackpot with say $500 to kickstart it. One good thing about a progressive jackpot is the fact that it keeps growing from one game to the other until someone hits it. This jackpot may sometimes grow too big that it has to be capped by state laws. Normally, this type of jackpot is dependant on the developer of the game variant you are playing. You can easily hit a few thousand dollars.

Lines are the most popular patterns across all Bingo Variations. Winning a line means that it could be diagonal, vertical or even horizontal. For instance, in 75- ball Bingo, you need 5 numbers down, across, or diagonally. On the other hand, Blackout Bingo requires that you mark off each and every single square on your cards in order to achieve a blackout bingo. In both the 75 or 90-ball patterns, you may need to try your luck in finding the 3x3 pattern. These types of bingo games are preferred by many iGamers since they come with jackpots as well.

Some other common patterns here are referred to as T’s. Just as the name indicates, you may need to create the T shape using chosen numbers.

This is achieved by arranging numbers on the upper row and vertically along the middle row. There is also the square bingo where you simply mark off the numbers along the four sides of the card to form a square. Another simple variant here is the U's. It involved daubing the squares around the three connecting sides of the card to form a "U" shape. There are indeed several other patterns you can create depending on the variant you choose.

Socialising on Forum Sites

If you spend quite some time playing Bingo online, you are likely to start recognising some other regular players. Also, some game variants here are downright chatty while others are just uncomfortably silent. Socialising is not mandatory and there is no need to chat if you are not in the mood. If you don't like a particular player, you can click the "ignore" button on their nickname.

You can also use the "Private Chat" to send a confidential message to a player you like. You might not find a lot of time to socialise, however, since the online caller may churn out several numbers in quick succession.

Social media has changed the way we do things in our lives and online bingo has also been affected. There is now the Facebook Bingo app that allows you to play with more friends around the world. Perhaps it could also be a good chance to make more friends.

This has increased the trend toward mobile Bingo as well. While there may be some emerging propositions in regard to using social media for gambling, it still looks as if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bingo designers are always working out new ways of having more social media-friendly Bingo games without deviating from the basics.

Potential Pitfalls When Holding Bingo Cards

Every day is not a market day. Online bingo does not always go as smoothly as it does in your local bingo hall. Sometimes, there can be technical difficulties that interfere with your game. The game may become slow depending on your internet connection, for example. An issue that could be caused by your connection speeds, amount of traffic on the internet or even the quality of service your internet provider offers. If you experience any issues with your connection, the best thing to do is wait until the connectivity is sorted. No matter what happens, don't fret. Always live to wager another day!

Free Bingo - Final Thoughts

At this moment, there shouldn't be anything stopping you from playing Bingo. Rules are easy and there are so many fun patterns you can try out. Understanding the easy rules of the game makes it easy to increase your odds. You can also learn some of the Lingo used by professional players in this guide. You simply need to sign up and pay for as many cards as the casino's limit allows you to. Click the auto-daub and sit back, win on multiple cards from your living room. Enjoy a Bingo moment!

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